Irvine root canal

Irvine Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Irvine

Irvine root canal
Irvine root canal

If you have a tooth that is painful when you eat something that is hot or cold, or becomes painful when you apply pressure, you may have a tooth which is infected or damaged in its interior. If you are feeling these painful toothache symptoms, you should make an appointment to meet with one of our dentist at our top-notch dental practice, Chu & Yang Dental. Just one of our expert dentists, Dr. Josephine Yang, can provide you with an Irvine root canal if it is determined that your tooth is indeed infected.

When a patient comes to our dental practice with a painful tooth, our dentist will work to thoroughly diagnose the exact cause of your tooth problem. At that point, your dental situation will be discussed with you and treatment options will be decided upon. If you have a tooth which needs root canal treatments, chances are that the tooth will be able to be saved in 90% of cases. However, if a tooth needs a root canal treatment and it is not performed, the tooth will definitely end up falling out on its own, or will need to be extracted due to serious infection and tooth pain. The good news is that today we are able to provide patients with root canal treatments while they remain in total comfort. Once our dentist has had a chance to examine your individual situation, he or she will let you know whether or not the root canal treatment should be attempted, and whether the root canal needs to be performed in one or two office visits. During the root canal procedure, our dentist will gain access to the center of your tooth. All infected and damaged pulp will be removed, and the tooth and root canals will be thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Later you will most likely need to get a dental crown to further protect your tooth from infection, and to strengthen it as well.

For an appointment to see one of our excellent dentists for an Irvine root canal, contact us today.

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