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Irvine teeth cleaning
Irvine teeth cleaning

It’s not that difficult to promote your optimal dental well-being. With a smart at-home strategy combined with an annual oral exam and our Irvine teeth cleaning, you can set the stage for a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth and vibrant gums. Here at Chu & Yang Dental, our goal is prevention first. We recommend that you adhere to a nutritious diet and limit the amount of sugar you consume. Sugar is fuel for plaque, that filmy substance that grows on and between your teeth, and which can both erode your precious tooth enamel and irritate, inflame, and infect your gums. Brushing after meals and flossing daily go a long way toward removing plaque, but it’s a stubborn thing, clinging such as in gum pockets and staying out of reach of your toothbrush and dental floss. It can then harden into tartar, wreaking the same havoc, except that brushing and flossing has no effect on it.

To combat tartar, you’ll need our Irvine teeth cleaning. And along with it, our annual oral exams will find any signs of tooth decay so that cavities can be filled promptly, preventing them from growing and putting you at greater risk for an infection, pain, and root canal therapy. Our dentist will also do a periodontal exam, check your existing fillings and restorations, examine your jaws, and screen you for oral cancer.

Our Irvine teeth cleaning will eradicate all the plaque and tartar that are still in your mouth, giving you a brand new start on your oral health. This will make future cavities less likely, and if you are exhibiting any indications of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, a teeth cleaning will reverse it and point you back toward pink, healthy gums. When you consider the potential consequences of delaying a teeth cleaning or ignoring it entirely, it makes no sense not to schedule one every six months. Gingivitis unaddressed will progress to the advanced stage of periodontitis, which may be accompanied by persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding gums when you brush, and even loose teeth. All of that can be avoided with just one phone call to our office.

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