Orange family dentist

Orange Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Orange

When was the last time you saw the dentist? On average, everyone should see their dentist twice a year or once every six months to make sure that everything is in check. With routine checkups and cleanings, you can do a lot to protect your dental health for years to come. Plus, you stand a better chance of catching issues before they become too serious. If you are in the market for an Orange family dentist that can offer you a wide variety of dental services and overall great care, then all you need to do is visit us here at Chu & Yang Dental.

Chu & Yang Dental is a state-of-the-art dental office with two locations in Irvine and Orange CA. With office hours Tuesday through Saturday, we do all we can to accommodate our patients’ schedules and needs in order to provide them with the best dental care possible. We offer a wide variety of services for patients of all ages as well, so the whole family can get their biannual visits in one place, plus so much more. Some of the services that our Orange family dentist provides include preventative dental care, general and cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, periodontal care, dental implants, restorative care, teeth whitening, orthodontics, Invisalign or invisible braces, pediatric dental care and so much more. No matter what you come in for, we do everything in our power to guarantee you a gentle, anxiety-free experience. During your first visit, we walk you through our office, list the procedures and services we offer in more detail, as well as introduce you to our caring staff, review your medical and dental histories, and evaluate your overall oral health of course.

If you are looking for an Orange family dentist, then there is no need to look beyond Chu & Yang Dental. Our dedicated and experienced staff are here to provide you with the best possible care so your teeth and gums are healthier than ever.

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