Orange Root Canal

Orange Root Canal

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Root Canal Therapy in Orange

When your tooth is in pain, you may be able to count on root canal therapy as the solution. It’s a non-surgical treatment that is put into use for a specific type of toothache: one that has come about as the result of an infection taking hold inside the tooth, in the delicate pulp. At Chu & Yang Dental, this important procedure is done with expert precision, with a success rate of 90%, is designed to alleviate the symptoms you’re experiencing and restore your tooth to a healthy and viable state.

You may be able to avoid our Orange root canal by coming in right away when you have a toothache. Typically, the cavity, loose or lost filling, or chipped or cracked tooth that is at the center of your discomfort may initially be treatable with just a filling or crown. The risk, though, is that bacteria can get inside because of the breach in your tooth’s protective layers that has occurred. Once an infection has been sustained, there is no getting around it. Our Orange root canal is all that stands between you and the loss of the tooth. The way it works is that you are numbed with local anesthesia so that you will be comfortable during the treatment. Don’t worry. Advancements in the techniques and equipment used have turned the treatment into one that most patients report as causing no pain at all, or very little. The injured pulp and the adjacent nerve are removed. The canals are cleaned and disinfected, and then sealed. Finally, when the tooth heals, a crown is cemented to the top of the tooth, bringing it back to its normal size and full function.

Think of our Orange root canal as the way to rid yourself of pain caused by a tooth infection. Don’t suffer needlessly. Contact our office to schedule a prompt appointment.

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